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About the show

The 4/5 show stands as a momentous occasion that officially inaugurated the SONO ensemble during the challenging late 2020s. This inaugural concert was a remarkable feat, as it was performed with the members self-distancing from one another, and it was livestreamed on YouTube, uniting audiences worldwide. Those who remember the Covid, will tell you - it wasn't easy... However, the memory of this event holds a profoundly special place in our hearts.

As we embarked on the arduous journey of creating the SONO ensemble, we boldly stepped into the unknown with a single, unwavering purpose in mind: to let our music be the eloquent voice that transcends barriers and speaks to the soul.

Creative Team

Ruta Kruopiene - Violina
Oli Baily - Violin

Rosamund Hawkins - Viola
Gunda Baranauskaite - Cello
Ugnius Pauliukonis - Piano

Eldad Diamant - Producer/Director

Music by: Caroline Shaw & Antonin Dvorak


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