Latin  /ˈso.noː/ verb


to make a noise /sing /celebrate/ (of words) to mean

Being surrounded by and making sounds is of musicians nature, therefore after months of excruciating silence during the world pandemic Gunda Baranauskaite and Ugnius Pauliukonis - a pair of lithuanian musicians based in Manchester, UK - found themselves searching for ways to resurrect something that in the very recent past was a part of their existence and more than just a craft.

What started as an idea, was shared with close-to-soul inspiring musicians and quickly developed into what today we recognise as the SONO ensemble. Beginning with a simple need to continue making live music and share it with others it seemed that the best way to do it is to shape a free-form chamber group. The concept is liberating from the boundaries of a fixed setup and it provides opportunities to perform chamber music of different genres. 

SONO members are classically trained musicians all of whom have graduated with the highest honours from world-renowned conservatoires around the UK. Being representatives of the traditional school of classical music SONO is a modern-day ensemble with a forward-thinking and open-minded team. Acknowledging our roots and always in search of novelties we are devoted to present thrilling programmes consisting of the golden classical repertoire balanced with either forgotten and underrepresented gems of the past or freshly written and yet-to-be-heard works of the present.

The idea behind SONO depicts our purpose as musicians and works as a reminder that music is essential to everyone who can receive it. With our work we want to bring hope, joy, compassion and to make sure that none of our lives stay quiet for so long ever again.