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Distant Forces

About the show
Distant Forces is a 60-minute-long performance that combines a set of live music with multi-surface visual projections. It is ostensibly a rumination about the loss of a parent, or of one’s own child, about grief of the most personal kind. The narrative trajectory is simple - a child is born, a child is taken away from its mother, a chorus grieves the loss of the child. Each musical piece symbolically drives a single section of the narrative. 

Mesopotamian incantations are used throughout the performance as a textual bridge between the musical notes and the overarching theme, echoing the conflict between a lost past and an ongoing present.
The sonic programme consists of Molly Joyce’s ‘Rave’ for piano solo and electronics; Peteris Vasks’s ‘Pianissimo’ for cello solo; Simon Knighton’s ‘Pendula’ for piano quintet and electronics, followed by Toshio Hosokawa's string quartet 'Floral Fairy' and Alfred Schnitte's Piano Quintet*. 

(*Schnittke's Piano Quintet can be swapped for Toshio Hosokawa's Piano Quartet 'Water of Lethe'.)

Creative Team
Eldad Diamant

Ugnius Pauliukonis

Music Director 
Gunda Baranauskaite

Piano / 2 Violins / Viola / Cello / Electronics

Music by
Molly Joyce - 'Rave' for Piano and electronics 
Peteris Vasks - 'Dolcissimo' for solo Cello
Simon Knighton - Dynamical Systems: Pendula (Piano Quintet

Toshio Hosokawa - 'Floral Fairy' (String Quartet)
Alfred Schnittke - Piano Quintet 

Toshio Hosokawa - 'Water of Lethe' (Piano Quartet)

Tech Rider
Venue that can achieve near darkness (for projection)
2 x small risers, e.g., 100x100x40cm

Stage-facing projector to illuminate the back-wall of the venue
Audience-facing projector to illuminate the on-stage projection screen
Projection screen that spans the width of the stage (can be provided)

Drape system to rig the screen (can be provided)

Basic programmable lighting rig

Stereo PA
6 microphones and stands (ideally d
irect to control)


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