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In the immersive musical performance 'Distant Forces' by SONO ensemble, two contrasting worlds collide—a forgotten past and an unimaginable future. Like a sweeping pendulum, it carries listeners on a journey, yearning for belonging, permanence, and a place to call home.

Inspired by cosmic sonifications, Mesopotamian mythologies, and biblical texts, 'Distant Forces' weaves together Alfred Schnittke's iconic Piano Quintet with compositions by contemporary artists such as Molly Joyce, Simon Knighton, and Pēteris Vasks. Additionally, a commissioned piece by UK-based composer Jobina Tinnemans, supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation and the Vaughan Williams Foundation, adds a unique dimension to this captivating sonic exploration.


Molly Joyce - 'Rave' for Piano & Electronic

A tapestry of sustained piano chords blends with an electronic tapestry, creating a mesmerizing sonic sculpture. As the music unfolds, it builds into a breathtaking climax—a powerful explosion of sound that captivates the senses.

Peteris Vasks - 'Dolcissimo' for Cello

'Dolcissimo,' an enchanting Italian term, whispers of sweetness and tenderness. Within its musical embrace, it captures a profound sentiment, a delicate caress of the soul. As the composer eloquently stated, it becomes an impassioned resistance against the prevailing brutality, an ode to love that resonates with every note.

Jobina Tinnemans - 'As Long As It Is Wide' String Quartet

This composition delves into cognition, the essence of our perceptual journey. Like gazing at a leisurely dance of patterns, it unravels the length and breadth of our experiences. It reveals their nuanced distinctions and captivating harmonies, a tapestry woven by the tapestry of our minds.

Simon Knighton - 'Dynamical Systems: Pendula

Within the realms of fixed rules, Dynamical Systems emerge, embracing both the physical and mathematical. Drawing inspiration from the pendulum's sway, the composer channels this essence into abstract musicality, bestowing the piece with an improvised spirit.

Alfred Schnittke - Piano Quintet

Following the loss of his mother, Alfred Schnittke embarked on the creation of his Piano Quintet, driven by a desire for a "simple, but earnest" musical tribute. In an interview, the composer confessed to the challenge of transposing his compositions from the realm of imaginary sound to the complex landscape of psychological space, where agonizing pain coexists with the struggle for artistic expression. This intricate balance between dissonance, consonance, and assonance became his artistic battleground.


Will Chadwick - Violin
Jody Smith - Violin
Rosamund Hawkins - Viola
Gunda Baranauskaite - Cello
Ugnius Pauliukonis - Piano/Director & Producer
Eldad Diamant - Stage Director

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