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SONO ensembles’ new immersive musical performance ‘Distant Forces’ traverses between two diametric worlds: One is rooted in a deep long-forgotten past, the other in an inconceivably distant future. 

The performance acts as a giant sweeping pendulum, taking the listener onto a musical

journey between the two worlds, constantly searching for belonging, for permanence, for home.

Inspired by cosmic sonifications, Mesopotamian mythologies and biblical texts - ‘Distant Forces’ comprises a soundtrack which centres around one of the foremost Chamber Music Works of the 20th Century, Alfred Schnittke’s Piano Quintet, alongside pieces by contemporary composers  as Molly Joyce, Simon Knighton, Pēteris Vasks, and a new commission by UK-based composer Jobina Tinnemans which was kindly supported by Hinrichsen Foundation and the Vaughan Williams Foundation.

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