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SONO ensemble is a group of creative artists and musicians brought together by their undeniable passion for music. SONO is a playground, a safe haven for expression, exploration and experiments, therefore, no one show is the same. Curiosity and intuition are the main engines behind our programming and we always aim that the collection of pieces presented speaks to our listener as a whole. If by the end of our show you feel as if a story has been told - you just had a SONO experience.



Distant Forces

International Anthony Burgess Foundation

What's On


Immersive Audio/Visual Show

Excuse My French

French masterpieces


Southern Rhythms

Fusion of Jazz and Tango

Past Projects


Midnight Tales

Exploring different genres

“SONO ensemble's projects always feature interesting, eclectic repertoire. Their attention to detail is evident in every element of their work, from the promo material to the stage direction. I've always left their gigs feeling inspired and humming one of the melodies that they so beautifully played!”


- Athanasia Kontou, Composer

"Their attention to detail is evident in every element of their work..."

"...a bit more interesting, a bit more European"

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Dreamscapes concert. In a very short time the SONO ensemble, a team of excellent musicians and creatives put together by Gunda and Ugnius, managed to establish a distinct and exciting quality to their concerts. I’m looking forward to the next one!”


- Jobina Tinnemans, Composer

“I’ve watched the Dreamscapes show and I can honestly say that SONO is bringing something new to Manchester. It feels like a more outward looking way of programming - a bit more interesting, a bit more European. It feels so exciting because it’s truly top notch playing, but with added creativity in curating as well. Excellent sound, great use of lighting and projections, all in all - a really slick show!”


- Carmell Smickersgill, Composer/Bothy co-founder


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